Why AI deserves more hype than Web3.0

Jun 8, 2022

Some quick thoughts on why I believe AI is going to be a great value driver in the next few years.

As we all know, Web3.0 has been hyped up a lot, and the facade is starting to fray. Decentralization is going to be huge for transactions, free market trading, market accessibility, and fairness of value. However, I think there is quite a bit more work to do on the tech:

  1. It’s not user-friendly

  2. Blockchain interoperability needs to be solved

  3. Energy consumption too high in many cases

It will get there and it will be huge; In the mean time, however, I feel that the advancements in AI have been largely ignored amidst the hype around crypto and blockchain tech. OpenAI’s GPT3 model is nothing short of amazing: It can write, code, translate, … all sorts of things. In those 3 capabilities alone there is great potential for a ton of game-changing NLP products. The tech is ready, it is there…product builders just need to take it and run with it.

Especially with the impending ~24 month market downturn we have hurling towards us, my thought is there’s going to be a huge automation push: That means more AI in market, and therefore more incentives for AI product development.

I started Standard Data with the singular goal of increasing the adoption of AI in industry, both as a problem-solving technique and as a means of creation; Namely, by allowing people to do the creative part of their work, and leave everything else to the “mind” of a machine learning model. 

I think there’s going to be a ton of innovation and adoption of AI tech coming soon, and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

Dillon Peterson