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Howdy Everyone!

Thomas and I have spun up another project. This one to address something very near and dear to our hearts: EMAIL.

You know us as the creators of NotionMail and Notion2Email — we’ve now combined email subject matter knowledge with our AI expertise with to create MailDaddy.

This is our 3rd email product, but believe it or not, we hate email. That’s why we build email products, because we believe that email is so bad that it needs a lot of help to get better. NotionMail and Notion2Email were built to address the pains of producing nice HTML emails; However, we’ve since stumbled onto an even greater problem to solve: Email Itself.

Email is the greatest time-waster in my day-to-day, as well as in Tommy’s. As most of you probably know, we have 2 sides to our business: The Product Side, and the Machine Learning Consulting Side. Both sides require tremendous email engagement, whether it’s from clients, SaaS customers, or otherwise. We are all about efficiency, which is why we build things better and faster than anyone else we know of; However, our time spent on email has proven to be very inefficient.

We tried everything — even Superhuman. To no avail, email is simply a time hog. We even looked at hiring virtual assistants; However, there’s too much friction and cost:

  1. They are often an ocean away

  2. They cost hundreds of $s / month

  3. Onboarding trouble

  4. Most emails are still important enough to be checked by owner before being sent.

Enter MailDaddy…

MailDaddy uses AI to auto-generate your email responses for you. It gives 3 options for formal email response to the user, and plugs-in to any inbox or workflow. The reason I’m telling you this is because we just opened up MailDaddy to the first users and we are waitlisting the rest until we decide it’s time to enter the public market.

Please visit here to get on our waitlist and we will be with you shortly.

Thomas and I are very excited to see where this one goes!