Building LitCommit 🔥

Mar 17, 2022

Why are we so excited about LitCommit?

It is the synthesis of Standard Data, Inc.'s Minimalist Development philosophy -- applied to both the AI and SaaS components.

How does Minimalist Dev apply to LitCommit?

Our mission is to cut out the documentation overhead so that 10X developers can be free to create, unbridled. That can mean a lot of different things (auto comments, auto PR summarizing, ...), but we reduced it down to something simple to suss out, and a great proof-of-concept for the idea: Automated git commit messages with CLI interface.

This allowed us to reduce our front-end to a single-page static website, a single API endpoint, and a single API call from the CLI. Many different executions of this could have resulted in weeks -> months lead times for end-to-end functionality, but Thomas Duquemin and I did it over a weekend because we know how to REDUCE. We reduced the scope before we decided to build; Therefore, we only had to perform the following steps:

Steps to go from 0 to 1

  1. Create fine-tuning dataset for #gpt3 model

  2. Train a couple of different models, see which is best.

  3. Spin-up Serverless Stack (Amazon Web Services (AWS)) - based SaaS product with NextJs static front-end.

  4. Connect the model to the SaaS product.

  5. Build a #python-based CLI and connect that to SaaS product.

  6. Voila!

Closing remarks

More weekend builds on the way. Feedback is welcome since we are constantly refining our process for spinning these things up as minimally as possible. #ai#aws#development#minimalistdev#standarddata#amazon#weekendbuildCapital Factory

Dillon Peterson