Mission Statement

Standard Data is a technology firm with a unique approach: Business first, technology second. We believe that technology is only useful if it serves business objectives. We don’t do technology-for-techies solutions, and we don’t build for the sake of building. For us, technology is a means to an end: Creating business value for our clients.

Founded by a technology veteran.

Dillon (left) founded Standard Data, Inc. after having over a decade of experience in industry. Spearheaded and implemented multiple computer vision projects for government agencies including TSA, DHS, and more to automate security screenings at airports and ports of entry. Started Standard Data using his own money that he saved up during college and from Tesla stock investments.

Thomas (right) joined Standard Data a year after its inception, bringing with him his machine learning experience at the University of Texas Applied Research laboratories, a DoD affiliate that specializes in defense research for military and three letter agencies. Thomas ensures that our operations run smoothly and that we make good on every promise.

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